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It was just me and nature, with the luxury of a tent and hammock since I couldn’t afford guest houses!

I was living with no money and it was a real eye-opener, not only from the spiritual one-with-nature point of view but also to how kind and hospitable people can be (including my supportive parents). One could say that people’s kindness and this sense of unity is spiritual too, since being ‘spirit-u-ally’ anything means having spirit as your ally. I absolutely love language and am passionate about words, which is why I choose to express myself through poetry. Words carry the energy of an experience, the vibration of it; so travelling through poetry is like entering a time warp back to the actual awareness of what is being described.

So I focused all my energy towards creating new poems for the Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition. I love sharing my personal insights into consciousness and what I learned from at least a hundred strangers’ individual stories on my travels, and it felt right to do so in a lyrically transcendental way. I receive great inspiration from listening to others so it was natural to want to start sharing my own experiences and concepts. For example, I have a powerful memory of performing ‘A Journey Through Grace’ around a fire in a small community festival. I had my eyes closed as this allows me to feel the essence strongly and go on the inner journey; when I opened my eyes there were five people around me and a girl, whose native language wasn’t English, touched my hands and said, “Sister, I didn’t understand what you said, but I felt every word of it.” Moments like this are why I express myself poetically. a message from source2

This is a journey of Grace… a story from the sounds of space of the timeless time that moves apace… Allow the words on the page to recreate the dream… travel through the realms of mind, the unknown and unseen, as you perceive her story through the mystery we call reality. The feet that lead my body hollow to the place where the peace within dwells, dream to destiny, destiny to dream, inseparable. (Extract from A Journey Through Grace) a message from source3

One of the main themes of my book ‘A Message From Source’ is how connected we all are and that we are one consciousness, experiencing itself through differing parts or notes. In other words, we are musical rhythms in a magical dance! The new scientific findings regarding the oneness of all life and the vibrations of energy support the concept that we are all equally significant in the grand scheme of things. I explore the power of sound, hence the beautiful sacred geometric illustrations throughout the book for healing purposes; these are otherwise known as ‘sonic geometry’ where we observe the frequencies constructing the form. Our connectedness proves that the only thing that truly matters is love. My writing also frequently delves into the real meaning of perception, of there never being a right or wrong, just different ways to look at the same point in time and space. Even though I do find the science behind all these themes fascinating, the only way I can capture their essence is when tuned into ‘the higher mind’ or Source, and write from the right-brain. This seems to have a powerful effect when one listens aloud to the essence of the words, as they have been created from a unity consciousness; I’ve been told that this is so even by those who do not normally appreciate poetry. Some of my friends have described the poem ‘A Message From Source’ as a blueprint, and the feelings and memories I get from journeying through the words is the reason I put all my faith and energy into this book being published. Whenever I feel lost in the mundane, ‘the Message’ gives me a sense of purpose and helps me remember, to relive the magic. a message from source4

We are the rainbow generation, the light split into colour due to the physicality of observation, the one harmonious sound being distorted through differing notes. Musical rhythms in a magical dance, awakening from our repetitive trance that the imbalance has created throughout all patterns and ages. A snap-shot within a snap-shot, above to below, universal cycles reflecting in the world we think we know. So if we choose to get in tune with what is occurring on a cosmic scale, being the light that shines and seeing through the veil, the world of magic… music… light… the dancing heartbeat we call life can be lived by us moment to moment, enabling the planet we need and love to survive. (Extract from A Message From Source)

From an individual atom to the cosmos as a whole, and through all the notes of the infinite unknown spaces inbetween, the themes of ‘A Message From Source’ become merged into a flowing river of memory taking each of us on a journey through consciousness to the point where it all begins and never ends: our heart.

A Message From Source is the winner of the Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition www.local-legend.co.uk

by Grace Puskas © 2014   www.gracepuskas.moonfruit.com

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