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We can all crave abundance at times in our life, wanting to release struggle and stress from our lives and of course, it can arrive in all sorts of packages.

It seems these days that the only form of abundance comes from money and materialism and not from the beauties of the world – this belief is limiting and denies us a wealth of opportunities. The need/greed for abundance can come from our insecurities and personal lack and/or prosperity and means different things to different people.

The illusion of the grass being greener on the other side would have us assume that those with money and materialism are happy and content and for some lucky individuals this is true but there too many instances on TV and in the media that show the tragic consequences of living life on a celebrity pedestal, trying to stay there and untimately toppling off.

Many of the people I have met with money are invariably unhappy, underwhelmed with life, with no emotional regard or acknowledgement of their fortunate position in life. Abundance (as seen by some) does not always bring happiness.

On the global stage, there seems to be little abundance in too many areas.

Our culture, birthplace, and inheritance from our lineage can dictate our level of abundance and restrict our quality of life quite harshly. There are so many people who are simply grateful to have a life, a home and each other.

For instance life in the Middle East, especially as a female can be capped and limited due to religious beliefs. Even a basic level of education is denied to most females in this part of the world. Ancient ways continue, where some faiths still marry off their girls at ten or eleven years old even when they have emigrated to another country. They are married off by parents who believe they are giving their daughters security and abundance – this is poles apart from the traditional UK attitude.

My grandparents were born in early 1900’s and lived with starvation, food coupons and sanctions, their generation strived for a better, more fair society. They would gasp at the luxurious level of abundance we enjoy today where food is not only readily available but also prepared for us, in easy access in shops everywhere. The harshness of life has been removed. Manual labour is a thing of the past. Machines take the drudge from life. Our lives are abundant daily.

At the turn of the 20th century, Emily Pankhurst and friends fought hard to secure women’s rights in this country and 100 years later we experience the benefits they strove so hard to achieve, they gave women a voice, the right to be heard and seen. Woman now have liberty, respect and opportunity. The personal endeavor of the Sufragettes has handed women higher expectations, in abundance and we should honour and treasure it.

It only takes a few bad choices and that precious commodity can be lost.

For instance Danny Dyer from East Enders was on a TV programme recently, tracing his lineage. He kept repeating that he knew there was money in his family and was overwhelmed to discover his ancestry traced back to the times of Cromwell.

One of his ancient legacies included a Noble Lord who lost his nobility when the King lost a battle. Punished for his choice, he remortgaged his home, lost his lands and became bankrupt. The line that Mr. Dyer traced via marriage through inappropriate choices, lost everything. Mr. Dyer, like his legacy, received stardom and standing due to his celebrity status. Just like Cromwell.

In my workshops and with clients I have found curses, spells and karma passed down through culture and lineage, with individuals living restrictions albeit nothing to do with original situation. Living the expectation, overwhelmed or underwhelmed, no expectation. Including poverty or long-term suffering. Inherited Generational Trauma and absorption is another route to lack of abundance. Lived but ours to live.

Abundance becomes a state of mind. – an emotional drive with self-esteem and worthiness. Ask yourself ‘Do I deserve abundance’? Of course, we all do and we all qualify for it. This means something different to each individual, our needs and wants are very different and originate in our emotional drive.

The recognition and love we give to one another is priceless, when kind to one another, we receive abundance in so many ways – being positive and embracing life brings abundance, as do kind thoughts and gestures. We should be grateful to be alive and appreciate our health and wellbeing, freedom and liberty.

Our expectation and disappointments narrow our view of the world, we become insular and generate feelings of survival/fear via emotions and feelings- the negativity this creates pushes away any positivity meant for us.

Abundance is a warm feeling, of happiness. We have choice. What do you choose?

Think you can, think you can’t. Either way, you will (Henry Ford)

Joy Wisdom

Teacher, Author, Body/Mind Practitioner, specialising in psychological issues – Women and Children’s Health, Founder Allonus & Dissolve And Resolved Emotions (D.A.R.E Therapy).’ZEST of Life’ & Allonus LiGHT Healing programme

Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 & Commitment to Excellence 2015  

Email: info@allonus.co.uk          


Founder: One Generation Project – not for profit organisation

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