Breakdown or Breakthrough?

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There are the everyday worries of family, finances, relationships and health and at times it can all seem too much. Sometimes it is the forces at play in the universe putting pressure on us and at other times it is because we are not quite going in the right direction to unfold our Life Path.

If you could see your Life Plan laid out before you, you would be quite surprised at the things you had agreed to do and to learn, but that doesn’t often happen. We arrive here without what we call Soul Memory. However, if you work with Light and walk a spiritual path, some of that soul memory often comes back.

You can experience this in daily life, like when you meet someone for the first time and you feel you have known them for a long time, or perhaps deja vu experiences, or visiting a place that you seem to know, even though you have never been there.

From a spiritual perspective, much of life is planned out before we get here, but at the same time we are given the opportunity of learning how to find our way. It would be so much easier if we were given a guide book, but then we wouldn’t be learning by experience.

What is it that we are supposed to be learning?

Many things is the answer to this question, but the overriding thing we are supposed to be learning is how to attain enlightenment. Well, on your present life path, that might be the furthest thing from your mind as you deal with the difficulties and complexities of everyday life.

The first part of this great journey towards enlightenment, is learning to hear the guidance of your own heart and then learning to make all your decisions based on the feelings of which is the true path for you. Your path is most likely not the same as any of your family or friends, although at times, they will be a part of your path. But the trick is to know and feel when it is time to make a change.

Parents often have desires that their children will follow them into the business, but do they ever ask if that is what is in your heart?

Being in the Flow of Life

At one time, I ran a small business in Manchester and if anyone had ever told me that I would one day be a spiritual teacher, there is no way I could ever have perceived that in my wildest imagination. But one day, spiritual forces poured so much light into me that I was forced into an awakening. That was some twenty six years ago.

So, just when you think you have your life mapped out, it might be that you are completely wrong. You have no idea what might be in store for you. You have no idea that you may well have agreed to perform certain tasks in the world of humans before you got here, but if that time comes, then pressures will come to bear upon your life. You will absolutely know at some level that you are not in the flow of life and need to change direction.

People speak about others having a breakdown, but when you can see what a breakdown truly is with the benefit of spiritual insight, you realise it is actually a wonderful thing.

I could describe my own awakening as a breakdown, as that is exactly what it was. My whole life broke down to the point where I found myself sleeping in a rented van one night on a motorway service area, as I had nowhere to go, having left my family. But I had no choice, I knew that that part of my life was finished and the emotional pain was incredible. I had to walk out the door into nothing. Fortunately, I only spent one night in the van before going full circle back to Mother. Oh, well, sometimes you just have to surrender.

Breakdown only comes when you are walking in completely the wrong direction to that laid out in your Life Plan. Pressures are poured into your life, creating ever more stress until you either wake up or are smashed upon the rocks of blindness and stupidity.

You won’t believe how blind we can be to the truth in our own hearts and how we consistently ignore the guidance that is being given to us.

We make our way as best we can in the world, but often, we become trapped by the circumstances we have created for ourselves and feel we cannot then follow our heart as it is too difficult to make the changes necessary.

However, if you continue to deny your heart, then trouble will not be far away, for you have a contract to fulfil. That contract is your Life Path, chosen before you arrive here and the learning experiences you have agreed to, in order to make a few more steps towards enlightenment.

So, if you are feeling the pressure, or even worse, feeling overwhelmed and at the point of breakdown, then at some level, you are ignoring the urges of your heart to help you find the way.

Breakdown is actually a blessing from heaven. Society speaks of it in hushed tones, but the universe celebrates it because it has stopped you in your tracks from continuing down the wrong path.

Breakdown, is really the beginning of break-through, into the truth of who your really are. However, I would urge you to observe the signs and signals before you get clobbered on the head from above, and think about how you might be able to hear your heart better and make some changes to your life before you are forced into this great celebration of break-through, after the breakdown.

In these fast moving times of universal change, humanity does not have much choice in taking its time.

When the pressures come, learn to act fast and then you will truly ride a great wave of inner change, which will truly illuminate your life as you regain your Life Path.

With Love and Blessings.

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Article by David Ashworth.


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