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According to Vedic writings, the universe was manifested from primordial sound and vibration. As human beings, we are a microcosm of that universe—an almost infinite mix of simple and complex vibrations crammed into a small bio-conscious body. If you were to take the package of vibrations that you consider to be you and translate that into a song, consider what that song would sound like. Full of conflicting emotions and body sensations, full of restless and chaotic monkey-mind thoughts, full of eons of past-life history and millions of years of genetic survival history, continuously vibrating out of our consciousness and DNA—consider what that song of yourself would sound like. That’s why we are so drawn to nature. The harmony of nature reminds us of our own lost harmony.

Yet, the great wisdom teachers have always taught that we can save ourselves from our own misery. Many paths have been offered through the ages. VortexHealing is one such path. It is the path of divine magical transformation. This is not the magic of manipulation and sorcery; this is the divine, primordial magic that created the universe, manifesting itself from mystery into a living lineage through an ancient living avatar (a direct incarnation of the divine), whose sole intention was transforming the vibrational consciousness of humanity.

VortexHealing accesses this transformational magic through the divine energy and consciousness that is the source of the lineage. For instance, even in Basic level class, there are 49 unique forms of Vortex energy that can be channeled, each with its own vibration and consciousness, each with its own ability to transform some aspect of out-of- harmony energy into an energy that is harmonious. All out-of-harmony vibration is chaotic, which lowers our vibrational consciousness. All harmonious vibration makes us feel better because it has raised our vibrational consciousness. If someone is ungrounded, for example, we can channel Grounding Vortex. As they become more grounded, they have more harmony, they resonate with the earth, and their vibrational consciousness goes up. For someone who is filled with the vibration, and emotion, of fear, we can transform that fear by channeling our Peace Vortex energy. And so on. And these 49 possible Vortex energies do not simply get added to the mix of energies that is already there. Rather, they transform the emotional consciousness that is creating the disharmonic vibration. Fear is transformed into peace; it is transformed with divine energy and consciousness.

With enough focus of divine energy and consciousness, you can even transform physical matter. VortexHealing is well known for its ability to transform the sound of musical instruments (as well as heal difficult body conditions). Richard Beaumont, editor of Kindred Spirit, in an article about VortexHealing in 1998, wrote, ‘Ric had proved beyond doubt that no matter how he may explain it, he had the power to change an instrument’s quality, and teach that skill to others.’

Yet it is actually harder to transform the vibrational reality of emotional consciousness than that of a musical instrument. The difference is ego. Although we know that All Is One, we experience ourselves as an individual package of history, emotion, mind and identity. We experience ourselves as a personal story, a person, an individual. And that, as Buddha realized, is the source of all our suffering, which is thesource of all the chaos and disharmony that lowers our vibrational consciousness and energy. To truly raise our vibrational reality, we have to address the ego.

But what is ego? Ego is created when the One—there is only the One—looking out through a living form, ‘hypnotizes’ Itself into identifying with that form and its consciousness. This creates the sense of a localized, separate ‘I’ and ‘me’. Without addressing this identity directly, emotional consciousness can only be ‘softened’, not transformed. It is the difference between relaxing anger versus what happens to anger when the ego has gone out of it. It is the difference between relaxing fear versus what happens to fear when there is no separate someone in the centre of it.

So, the self-induced hypnotic trance of ego needs to be broken, to transform our emotional consciousness. But only that which is not in trance can do it. Divine consciousness—the awake consciousness of the One—is needed. In VortexHealing, we use the divine consciousness of our lineage to transform emotional consciousness. But this transformation, which raises our vibrational consciousness, is just the preparation, not the goal. It is the ‘ripening’ that prepares for a more profound kind of transformation—awakening from the core of the ego itself. This is the deeper intention of the VortexHealing lineage. At a certain point—in our Core Veil class—students have become ripe for this kind of spiritual awakening, and the grace of the divine consciousness of the lineage manifests it. True spiritual awakening is rooted in mystery, which is what we are—it is our being. Nothing raises our vibrational reality like that which is beyond all vibration. Mystery has no vibration, yet is the source of all.


Ric Weinman is the present-day founder of VortexHealing. For more information on VortexHealing, or classes, or to find a VortexHealer, visit www.vortexhealing.org.

® VortexHealing is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved.

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