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Everything relates to everything else, but how aware are we of these relationships?

Relationships, as in relating to our family, friends and partners is the obvious thing that comes to mind when we mention relationships. In reality, we are in a form of relationship to many, many other things in this life upon planet earth. The more that we understand our relationship to things other than our human relationships defines how we grow within as a spiritual being.

In order to grow spiritually, we have to grow our understanding of who we are and how we fit into this world and our relationship to everything that has some influence on our well-being, or otherwise. Perhaps the first and most important relationships to consider are those to our Self, to the Universal Consciousness (or God) and to our Earth Mother. Once we define these relationships, then we begin to understand who we are and how we function in the process of creation. In turn, as we understand ourselves more, then our human relationships will manifest on a much more harmonious level. In fact, we can say with some certainty that when you get your relationship right with your Self and how you fit into the game of life, then most human relationships will, to a large degree, take care of themselves in a flowing harmonious way.

However, most human relationships are dysfunctional at one level or another, as humans by their very nature are a race that subjugates others to gain a position of power through the false belief that power offers security. In reality, letting go of all power brings the deepest sense of connection to all things, especially life itself. The moment you let go of manipulation to get what you think you need is the moment that the Universe provides for you. The moment that you can sit back and trust, is the moment that you trigger the Universe to offer you all manner of things that you never even thought might be your birth-right.

The Universal Relationship

The first point of understanding is that we inhabit an ocean of amazing wisdom, pouring into us at all times. We swim in this wisdom, which is called creation. We swim in the creative process. We are born of this creative process and from the point of birth we either remain connected to it, or we drift apart from it. It is not until we consciously begin to ‘probe this revelation,’ as Jesus once said, that it truly begins to open up, both to us and for us.

In my own case, it poured light into me and I began to awaken some 25 years ago. A lot of watery wisdom has flowed under the bridge since then, but along that journey, the Universe taught me the Laws by which it worked. As I learned to trust this laws and live my life by them, the whole creative process pulled me into the Universal Flow. However, I am certain that not much of this could have happened without a different kind of relationship taking place in the beginning.

Relating to Mother


Another fundamental teaching of Jesus is honour thy Father and thy Mother. Throughout 2000 years humans have misinterpreted this most powerful guiding principle. Jesus didn’t mean your Mum and Dad. He meant your Mother the Earth who gave birth to you in the physical plane and your Heavenly Father, the great ocean of consciousness and wisdom, which conceived the idea of you in the first place. Yes, of course, your Mum and Dad had a part to play in all of that, but what attracted them to each other in the first place?

Everything on planet earth is in a constant state of creation and change. Everything here is an outpouring of the creative process. The energy of life is bursting forth beneath the light of the heavenly sun in a never ending bursting forth of magic that is the playground of our Earth Mother and Heavenly Father.

All of the power of creation is in the hands of the mother, the Divine Feminine, the Earth, and our very first spiritual steps should be taken in grounding ourselves fully into her nurturing arms. It is more or less impossible to grow spiritually unless we are fully grounded into our feminine Earth Mother. She holds us in safety as we learn to ‘allow’ the Light of the Father to then enter us.

The process of spiritual evolution is the development of the heart. Nothing else matters, but in order to begin this development, we work on our grounding fully into this reality. As we ground, then the masculine, Father Heaven, the Divine ocean of Consciousness that pervades all things will begin to flow into your heart, opening it to the truth of reality, pulling you beyond the illusion and showing you a new way to think and be.

Becoming the Bridge between Heaven and Earth

As you become grounded, the creative power and energy of the Mother flows upwards through your chakras and your central channel towards the heart, then beyond the heart continuing to rise to Heaven (Universal Consciousness). At the same time, the Father pours his Light into her hands, and she brings it earthwards, through your heart and grounds it into the bosom of everything that she is. Heaven and Earth flow through your whole being and your heart begins to grow and expand inwardly. Your heart becomes the awakened jewel bridging Heaven and Earth.

You become the bridge, bringing Heaven down to Earth, anchoring the Light into this world. In the process, your heart begins to sing a different song, a song of joy; a song of love; a song of completion. A song that is full to overflowing with many gifts and processes that can help others to awaken to the beautiful relationship that is the birth-right of all human beings. As soon as you begin to look in the right direction and ask the right questions, then the answers will be shown to you.

Seek and you shall find.

Ask and you shall receive.

Knock and it will be opened unto you.

So, your first and most important relationship is to your Mother and Father, the Earth and the Universal Consciousness. As you open your heart and allow yourself to live the journey  of truth that God has placed in your heart, you become a living manifestation of the creation process, completely connected to your life and able to fulfil a great role in the evolution of human consciousness, if that is your path.

From this point, you can develop with conscious awareness all other relationships in a thoughtful, balanced way, and in turn they will reflect to you the love that you put into your own journey of truth, living from your heart.

With Love and Blessings.

Dave Ashworth

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